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As part of our managed services we provide our customers with a comprehensive set of tools to run their business with a piece of mind at affordable rates and good results, these services include:

  • Company Email needs to be forwarded to a different server for scanning prior to being received at the customer computer
  • Managed Anti Virus Protects against the following:
  1.     Anti Virus Protection protects your computer against the viruses
  2.     Anti Malware and Spyware Protection to protect against ADwares and popups.
  3.     Web Protection (Web Protection automatically blocks the known websites that cause your           computer to be infected by viruses and malwares)
  • Scheduled Cache Cleanup and Daily Deep Virus Scans further protect your computer from possible hidden viruses or ADwares 
  • Effective Setup of a Business Grade Hardware Firewall with scheduled definition updates, keeps your network equipped to deal with the latest threats effectively
  • Implementation of Domain Network and limiting user data access
  • Users at your company need to only able to access and read or write to the information they are authorized to do so.
  • Users activities need to be logged (meaning what information on the network they accessed and what time they accessed) 
  • All the Financial websites used need to require a two step authentication.  For instance, if someone accesses your banking or payroll username and password 
  • information, the banking or payroll institution, need to require further authentication if a login attempt is made at a different computer at a different location. Or they need to require a token number.​

    Computers play an important role in running your business. However, it is important that your important information is protected from hackers and organizations who try to infiltrate your network.  The common areas where your company is targeted are:

  • Bank Accounts and Payroll Services
  • Passwords and Email Accounts Access
  • Business Customer Information and Data