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       Why Price4Computers?

  • Clean Professional Work
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Over 10 Years of Cabling Experience

Our Cabling Services Include
Internet and Networking cable Installation (Cat5, Cat6, 6E and 10G)
Speaker and Entertainment Wire Installation
Camera Cable Installation (RG59 and RG6)
Office Basic Network Patch Panel Installations 
Server Room cabling Installations
Relocation and Upgrades
Telephone Jacks, Cable Outlets Installation and Repair
Moves, Adds, and Changes

Our Cabling Labor is calculated at the hourly rate of $75 plus Material.
The price varies from one installation to another, The factors that effect the pricing are:
        How easy or difficult is it to install Run the Cable?
        Does it require passing the cable through a concerte wall?
        Do we need to cut any metal or Wood panels?
        What's the distance of the cable that needs to be ran?
        Do we need to run the cable in a pipe for protection (is cable ran inside or outside)?
        At what Altitude or Height does the cable need to be ran (Use of a scissor lift or a ladder)?
        is the cable going to be exposed or needs to be hidden (for warehouse runs)?
        What type of Material is used? 
        Our standard is to use 95% or higher copper cabling for better conductivity 
        We also only install UL Certified wiring for safety reasons
        However, the material cost varies as to whether Cat5, Cat6, Speaker Wire, RG59 or RG6

        Cable is used.