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Service also Available for Servers  $120/Year

Anit Virus + Anti Malware Web Protection

Affordable, Rock-Solid, Comprehensive AntiVirus Solution 

Price4Computers Complete AntiVirus Package Includes:

  • Award Winning Anti Virus Protection
  • Award Winning Anti Malware and Spyware Protection
  • Web Protection automoatically blocks the known websites that cause your computer to be infected by Viruses and Malwares.  You can allow create your own website Whitelist and Blacklist.  Therefore, for example blocking certain websites to improve work productivity at Business or Childern’s access to certain websites at home. 
  • Hard drive Check (Checks your computer and notifies you if your hard drive is failing to protect you from Data Loss)
  • Scheduled System Clean Up (cleans up your system Cache and Temporary files on a regular basis, keeping your computer cache clean reducing the risk of identity theft by websites you visit)
  • You receive notifications about the status of your antivirus program subscription and a link to renew it on the lower right hand corner of your screen prior to its expiration.
  • Central Management Console allows you to manage all of your computers antivirus settings from one website with a single login.  The optimized settings are already set for your program and is automated. However, the management console allows you to change those settings such as virus check and clean up intervals.  You can also add or remove websites that are blocked by your anti virus program using the Central Management Console.
  • All the features mentioned above are scheduled to be performed automatically on your computer.  You don’t need to change any settings.  However, if you need technical support, we offer limited phone support on the functionality of the program.  You can call us at 714-744-5800 Press 2 during our business hours (9:30 AM – 7 PM Mon-Friday and 10AM-4PM on Saturday) or email us at support@price4computers.com

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